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Red Gold

Red Gold

Every product has a story behind it. I call this supplement the “Red Gold” for two main reasons. One is because its main gradient is Crocus Sativus or the red Saffron that has many antioxidants and healthy painkiller benefits and is expensive as gold. Second is because it saved my life, physically and mentally. The story starts from when I was 11 years old and experienced my first period. Best way to describe it is that I went to shock from the pain that I was feeling shocking pain from organs that I never felt. The pain got worse by age to the point that it effected the quality of my life and I was feeling disabled, depressed, and full of anxiety. I was prescribed 800 mg ibuprofen daily and still it could not help the pain. Until a year ago that I barely could function and was in pains worse than sciatica pain around my ovulation and my period. I could not even walk! In the best case I would get only one week off of pain. I consulted with many specialists and doctors, did numerous tests since age 17, was on many birth controls until last year that I was told to consider surgery for endometriosis diagnosis and non helped. The only thing I wanted to believe was life should not be this painful and exhausting for any woman and there should be a treatment much simpler than these. So I decided to do my own research. Coming from a Biology major and being a certified healthcare professional I decided to create my supplement that is resulted from many studies showing their effectiveness in reducing PMS symptoms. Thus, after a week of taking my homemade supplements my pains were gone and I felt like I was born again! My family and friends could not believe it. I really was living pain free without any surgery! After a year of taking supplements I realized that my friends are following my regiments step by step and it’s been effective for all! The only complain was the cost of buying all these supplements. I knew many women around the world are suffering from PMS syndrome thus I decided to make my own effective supplements that cost less and do the job. Shortly, my parents who suffer from arthritis and sciatica pain took my supplements and are amazed by the results. My mother said it’s the first time in 10 years that she can bend her knees. This supplement has improved the quality of our lives, pain free, with no chemicals, naturally with organic herbs helping us making much better and happier moments and I hope it does the same for you. 
With love and peace
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